Education Opportunities in 2022

December 10, 2021 | Education, Events, Featured

Whether you are seeking to continue your ministerial candidate coursework or grow your ministry skill set through enrichment classes, there are many options available in 2022.

The Love Required of Us

Starting on Tuesday, January 18th and continuing for 10 weeks, our Conference Ministerial Candidates (CMCs) are invited to join Liz Cornell as she leads a discussion of race and racial reconciliation within a Christian context using her book, The Love Required of Us. It’s an opportunity to learn about and discuss the history of racism, how it has socialized all of us, and how it impacts us today. Students will use spiritual practices to help deepen relationships both with God and with each other and engage in follow up exercises to build self-awareness.

  • Course is taught online
  • Intended for CMCs
  • Tuesdays for 10 weeks, starting January 18, 6-8pm PST
  • Cost: $75, does not include required materials

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El Estilo Metodista Libre

“El Estilo Metodista Libre” es un curso intensivo (con crédito de 2 horas) dirigido por El Centro Para Desarrollo Pastoral que hará una presentación acerca del estilo, la misión y los cincos valores de la Iglesia Metodista Libre. La clase será enseñada por el profesor Dr. Guillermo Flores, con presentación del Obispo Keith Cowart.

  • Curso intensivo por medio de Zoom
  • Los 5 lunes de enero de 2022 (Lunes 3, 10, 17, 24 y 31)
  • 7 pm – 10 pm hora del este
  • Costo: $100

El curso es requerido para ordenación y necesita permiso del pastor/a o del Superintendente para poder registrarse. Para más información, por favor comuníquese al correo electrónico:

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Pastoral Counseling

Whether you are a church pastor, ministerial candidate, or lay leader, our upcoming course on pastoral counseling is designed to help you develop your counseling ministry from a Wesleyan perspective. Starting with the study of God’s Word as our source, we then grow our practice through the resources of the social sciences, counseling practice, and pastoral experience. This five-day session is your opportunity to learn more about yourself and your ministry.

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Courses Available in 2022

If you are looking to complete your ministerial candidate education requirements and have been unable to attend local classes, the Free Methodist Church USA (FMCUSA) has compiled a list of the credentialing courses available online across the United States. This is a great opportunity to complete your required coursework or grow your local ministry through enrichment classes.

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