Conference Administration

Within the Free Methodist Church the conference superintendent provides vision alignment and implementation, leadership development, and guidance for the administration and growth of the church. In Southern California we are also served by field superintendents who provide specialized leadership and administrative support to our churches and members.

Jonathan Sato

Conference Superintendent

Rev. Jonathan Sato was born and raised in the Free Methodist Church, his father a Free Methodist Minister in the Pacific Coast Japanese Conference (PCJC) who met his mother during a mission’s trip to Japan where his mother was serving as the local Free Methodist translator. Jonathan attended Azusa Pacific University for both his undergraduate and graduate (M.Div) degrees and it was there that he met his wife, Jenn. They are blessed to parent three wonderful daughters; Adeline, Charlotte, and Eleanor.

Ministry Staff

Refugio Sanchez

Assistant Superintendent

Pastor Refugio has been faithfully serving alongside his wife, Pastor Maria E. Gonzalez and their 4 children at Santa Ana FMC since 2008 as Senior Pastor. Originally from Oaxaca Mexico, he immigrated to the United States in 1985 at the age of 18. He accepted the Lord Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior in 1996. Pastor Refugio currently serves as MEG Chair, MAC Member, director of Hispanic Ministry and he serves as president of La Conexion Latina FMCUSA.

Soo Ji Alvarez

Director of Multiplication

Soo Ji Alvarez is the Lead Pastor of the AVENUE, a multi-ethnic church that has a huge heart for the community of Riverside. She loves reaching people in the margins, bringing reconciliation to communities, and raising up passionate followers of Jesus Christ. She has been in ministry for 30 years and she loves pastoring other pastors, leaders, and churches to create a culture of multiplication in every ministry context. Soo Ji loves doing life and ministry with Joe, her husband of 19 years. They have two kids, Juaquin and Nayara, and two dogs, Oso and Chunk.

Kristy Hinds

Director of Ministry and People Development

Kristy Hinds brings a wealth of experience from her decade at Light and Life North and as Assistant Superintendent of the Free Methodist Church in Southern California. She also spent ten years with CBS Radio and founded Launch It Coaching, demonstrating her dedication to guiding leaders. Now, as the Director of People Development at FMCSC, Kristy leverages innovative coaching and her expertise in change management, leadership development, and team cohesion to champion professional, personal, and spiritual growth. A UCLA graduate, she is currently pursuing an MS in Management and Leadership at Pepperdine University.

Kevin Mannoia

Pastoral Coach

Dr. Kevin Mannoia serves as Pastoral Coach for the FMCSC. Formerly, he was University Chaplain of Azusa Pacific University overseeing the spiritual care of the faculty, staff, and graduate students. He served as Dean of Theology at APU and before that, President of the National Association of Evangelicals. From his experience as a pastor, superintendent, bishop of the Free Methodist Church, and President of the NAE, Mannoia brings his understanding of the church at a congregational, organizational, denominational, and national level to his ministry.

Carol Hart

Denominational and MEG Coordinator

Carol Hart has been an essential member of the Free Methodist Church in Southern California administrative team for 25 years, providing institutional consistency and structure while also being an encouragement to our staff and church leaders. Her current work is focused on helping churches navigate the conference and legal requirements of incorporation. Additionally, she provides guidance to ministerial candidates as they navigate the steps of ordination within the Free Methodist Church. In her free time she helps her husband Greg in the administration of the cross-country team he coaches.

Field Superintendents

With a population of over 23 million over 56 thousand square miles, Southern California is both geographically and culturally diverse. To ensure that our congregations and ministry points have the support and resources they need to thrive, we have implemented a Field Superintendent model. Each Field Superintendent oversees the growth and development of leadership at the ministry points under their care.

Soo Ji Alvarez

  • Azusa, Foothill Community Church, Adrian Greer
  • Escondido, The Foundry
  • Lake Elsinore, The Dream Center
  • Los Angeles, Orphan City Church CPP, Alex Bowman
  • Los Angeles, Palabra De Vida Community Church
  • Pasadena, Rose City Church, Clare Ferguson Bravo
  • Rancho Cucamonga, Cucamonga Christian Fellowship, Janelle Coleman & Cam Beyenberg**
  • Santa Barbara, Santa Barbara FM Church, Colleen Hurley Bates

Kevin Robertson

  • Barstow, River of Life, CPP
  • El Cajon, Arabic Free Methodist Church, EMP
  • Garden Grove, Living Spring Church
  • Los Angeles, LA Community Church, Robert Marshall
  • Los Angeles, Verdugo Arabic CPP
  • Los Angeles, Verdugo Community Church
  • Pasadena, The Bridge – Pastor Moussa
  • Sylmar, Light & Life Christian Fellowship

Cameron Shepherd Beyenberg

  • Downey, Light and Life Church, Kevin Boyce
  • Long Beach, Light & Life Christian Fellowship West, Charles Latchison
  • Murrieta, Centerpoint Church, John Hansen
  • Murrieta, Living Stones, Justin Kenton
  • Lake Elsinore, Lambs Fellowship, TBD
  • Paramount, Chapel of Change, Brian Warth

Refugio Sanchez

  • Azusa, Iglesia Confraternidad Cristiana
  • Corona, Corona Del Rey
  • Downey, La Promesa
  • Los Angeles, Ministerio Cristiano Monte Hermon
  • Los Angeles, Ministerios Cristiano Jerusalem
  • Los Angeles, Transformados En Cristo
  • Marina del Rey, Resplandece LA, Guillermo and Ligia Flores
  • National City, Iglesia Methodist Libre- Emmanuel de National City
  • San Bernardino, Centro Nueva Esperanza de San Bernardino
  • San Diego, Iglesia Metodista Libre Latino Americana Sinai

Outstanding Churches Without Oversight

  • Palmdale, The Passion – Enio Ruiz | Discontinued

** The coverage is for Janelle since Cam is an FST

Operational & Finance Staff

Brian Scott

Operations Manager

Leveraging a 10-year career in operations, Brian Scott now serves as the Operations Manager for the Free Methodist Church in Southern California. He holds a BA from the University of Georgia and an MA from Fuller Theological Seminary. In his role, Brian works to refine existing processes and procedures at FMCSC. He also seeks to enhance communication and interaction, making the organization more welcoming and efficient for its churches, elders, staff, and members.

Lori Kestle

Operations and Accounting Team Assistant

Lori Kestle came to the conference office after serving one of our local churches for many years as the office manager. While that was her official title, she was lovingly dubbed, “Captain Everything”. There isn’t a task or system that Lori cannot figure out quickly. If the conference has a file or document somewhere, Lori can find it. She assists the executive team, making sure that the entire team is working at full capacity at all times. In her free time, Lori loves creating art, craft projects, and singing.

Stephanie Mirola


Stephanie Mirola has been working with FMCSC since February 2023, helps our leadership financial team keep track of and organize vital data needed to properly support and manage the financial portfolios of the churches under the FMCSC’s care. During her free time, Stephanie enjoys baking homemade goods and spending time with her three daughters and husband.

Karen Ortiz

Finance Lead & Translator

Karen Ortiz, Finance Lead and bilingual in-house translator at The Management Group Team, integrates her extensive ministerial leadership and business acumen to foster effective communication and provide essential financial insights. Holding a bachelor’s degree in International Business and an MBA from BIOLA University, she bridges connections across conference departments, churches, and the Spanish-speaking community. Beyond work, Karen mentors MBAs at BIOLA’s Crowell School of Business and finds joy in art and gardening.

Lori Russey

Accounting Team Lead

Lori has been with FMCSC since 2016 and has been part of the The Management Group team since its inception. She loves helping churches understand their finances so that they are better equipped for Ministry. Lori has been married to her husband, Dave, since 1981 and together they have 3 beautiful daughters, 3 wonderful sons-in-law, and 5 amazing grandchildren. Lori loves family, friends, the beach, and all other things outdoors.

Karen Trafford


Karen has been working for FMCSC as an Accounting Assistant since 2018 and enjoys it very much.  She also works for Centerpoint Church in the Finance and Payroll Department. She has attended Centerpoint Church for over 30 years since the beginning of Lambs Fellowship. Karen has been married for 34 years and has two grown daughters, two sons in laws and their first grandson, Judah. Karen loves her family, friends, exercise, the beach, and traveling to see new places and things.

Maggie Underwood

Operations Coordinator

Maggie has worked with the conference since 2012. She primarily handles all events administration and assists in finance operations as well as assisting the executive team with communication and daily operations. She has been married to her husband Bret for over 30 years and together they are the proud parents of Nathan and Hannah.

Conference Office Consultants

Aaron Mills and Heather Gapik

Property Consultants –

Make Good

Community Development and Storytelling –

Kingdom One

HR and Operations Consultants –