Ministry Training & Classes

The Free Methodist Church is committed to nurturing and equipping leaders for impactful ministries and congregational growth. Our diverse range of courses caters to varying stages of spiritual and ministerial development, ensuring that each individual is well-prepared to fulfill God’s calling.

Ministry Paths

Our ministry paths are tailored to guide you through your spiritual journey, whether you’re exploring local church ministry or seeking a broader role within the conference. Each path is designed to inform, inspire, and ready you for effective ministry.

Local Licensed Pastor

Local Licensed Pastors provide servant-leadership in specific congregational areas, complementing the work of elders and leading the church in various ministries.

Conference Ministerial Candidate

For those expanding their ministry, this path offers development in personal, spiritual, and executive skills, essential for effective leadership.

Conference Elder

Elders in the Free Methodist Church are called to lead and train others, serving in appointed roles throughout the church.

Classes for Leaders

For Methodists, education is simply preparation: to understand God’s heart better and to live out God’s calling. Our classes are designed to be practical, inspirational, and prepare our people for more effective ministry.


Introduction to Free Methodist History & Polity

Explore the Free Methodist Church’s heritage and values. This course covers its history, key figures like John Wesley, and the principles shaping Free Methodist beliefs. Ideal for lay members and those new to our denomination.

Exploring Wesleyan Theology

Journey through John Wesley’s theological landscape. Gain insights into his teachings and their impact on Christianity. This course is perfect for understanding Wesleyan tradition’s relevance today.

Pastoral Counseling from a Wesleyan Perspective

Develop a theological and practical framework for pastoral counseling. Learn to integrate biblical wisdom with counseling practices for effective ministry. Includes active discussions and case studies.

Required for Ordination

As you journey towards a deeper commitment in ministry, our advanced courses are designed to fulfill the requirements for a Conference Ministerial Candidate (CMC) interview. These comprehensive classes provide an essential foundation in Wesleyan theology and Free Methodist history and polity, equipping you with the knowledge and understanding necessary for ordination.

Advanced Studies in Wesleyan Theology

Deepen your theological understanding with an in-depth study of John Wesley’s vision. Explore his impact on the Wesleyan, Methodist, and Holiness movements. Essential for those pursuing ordination. [Register Online]

Advanced Studies in Free Methodist History & Polity

Gain comprehensive knowledge of the Free Methodist Church’s origins, beliefs, and governance. An essential course for those on the path to ordination, offering an appreciation of our tradition.

Third Party Classes

In addition to the courses taught through the Free Methodist Church in Southern California, we occasionally make available courses and credentialling programs from educational partners.

Aldersgate School of Ministry

Join the Aldersgate School of Ministry for certificate programs in Lay Ministry. Covering prerequisites for ordination and master’s study in seminary, it’s ideal for a broad audience seeking theological education.

Central Christian College Credentialing Classes

Online classes in Wesleyan Theology and History & Polity offered by Central Christian College provide a flexible alternative for ministerial candidates seeking credentialing.

Center for Pastoral Formation – FMCUSA

The Center for Pastoral Formation supports conferences, instructors, and educational institutions in providing robust theological and practical training for ministry leaders.

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We’re excited for the part you play in the Free Methodist Church family. If you have experienced God’s call to church ministry, we want to encourage you and provide you with opportunities to serve within the Free Methodist Church. Contact us to find out how you can get started.