Ministry Training & Classes

The Free Methodist Church in Southern California has partnered with Aldersgate School of Ministry to nurture and equip leaders for impactful ministries and congregational growth. Aldersgate’s diverse range of courses caters to varying stages of spiritual and ministerial development, ensuring that each individual is well-prepared to fulfill God’s calling.

Ministry Paths

Our ministry paths are tailored to guide you through your spiritual journey, whether you’re exploring local church ministry or seeking a broader role within the conference. Each path is designed to inform, inspire, and prepare you for effective ministry.

Local Ministerial Candidate (LMC) 

Local ministerial candidacy marks the beginning for those interested in engaging in local church ministry as lay ministers. Under the supervision of their Local Board of Administration (LBOA), these non-ordained candidates collaborate with church staff to deliver valuable service to their congregation. As they grow in their ministry, they may become Local Licensed Ministers and enter the Conference Ministerial Candidacy process.

Local Licensed Minister (LLM)

Responding to God’s call, Local Licensed Ministers serve as non-ordained, lay ministers providing servant-leadership in specific congregational areas, leveraging their divine talents and honed skills. Working alongside Elders, they support the church’s mission by guiding and empowering members to carry out their ministries within the community and beyond.

Conference Ministerial Candidate (CMC)

Local Licensed Ministers who discern a deeper calling may embark on the Conference Ministerial Candidate journey as lay ministers. Focusing on personal growth, spiritual development, and leadership abilities, this process nurtures skilled leaders who embody the essential qualities necessary to expand their ministries. These candidates are appointed but not ordained.


    In the Free Methodist Church, Elders are ordained ministers who demonstrate a profound spiritual calling and dedication to serve, lead, and mentor others within the church. While appointed to specific ministries, their primary calling is to the Church at large. They invest their time and expertise in fostering the growth and development of the broader Free Methodist Church community.

      Free Methodist Ordination Track Certificate – Aldersgate School of Ministry 

      As you embark on your ordination journey, the Free Methodist Ordination Track Certificate, offered in partnership with Aldersgate School of Ministry, provides a comprehensive curriculum designed to deepen your understanding of Free Methodist history, polity, and Wesleyan theology. Through engaging courses and practical ministry experiences, you will develop the skills and knowledge needed to lead effectively within the Free Methodist Church.

      Key areas of study include:

      • Free Methodist history and distinctives
      • Wesleyan theology and its application in ministry
      • Pastoral care and counseling from a Wesleyan perspective
      • Leadership development and church administration
      • Preaching and teaching for spiritual formation
      • Evangelism, discipleship, and community outreach

      Our experienced faculty, consisting of seasoned Free Methodist leaders and scholars, will guide you through this transformative educational experience. You’ll have opportunities to connect with fellow students, engage in meaningful discussions, and apply your learning in real-world ministry contexts.

      By completing the Free Methodist Ordination Track Certificate, you’ll be well-equipped to serve as an effective leader within the Free Methodist Church, making a lasting impact on your congregation and community.

      Financial Support

      We understand the importance of investing in your ministerial education. Scholarships are available to FMCSC CMCs and LMCs with approval and recommendation from your Lead Pastor and/or MEG Board Designee. Classes are a flat rate of $300 each, payable to Aldersgate School of Ministry.

      Continuing Your Education

      Upon completion of your FMC Certificate, you may choose to further your education by transferring into one of Aldersgate School of Ministry’s 2-year certificate programs. These programs provide a pathway to seminary education, with graduates eligible for tuition discounts on Master’s degrees at select U.S. seminaries.

      Take the Next Step

      As a current FMC church leader, you play a vital role in the growth and development of the Free Methodist Church. If you feel called to expand your ministry and deepen your impact, we invite you to explore the Free Methodist Ordination Track Certificate. Contact us today to learn more about how this program can help you fulfill your calling and advance your leadership within the Free Methodist Church.

      We’re excited for the part you play in the Free Methodist Church family. If you have experienced God’s call to church ministry, we want to encourage you and provide you with opportunities to serve within the Free Methodist Church. Contact us to find out how you can get started.