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The Free Methodist Church is committed to raising up new leaders within the church that seek to build new congregations, grow ministries that impact communities, and train the next generation of leaders serving with them.

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If you’re looking to start the process toward getting involved at your local church, increase the fruitfulness of your ministry, or just find out more about the Free Methodist Church, you’ve come to the right place.

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Please select which courses you would like to attend. The cost of each course covers the cost of the class only. Additional books and materials may be required. Registration for each class closes 14 days prior to class date.
The Love Required of Us
An opportunity to learn about and discuss the history of racism, how it has socialized all of us, and how it impacts us today. Students will use spiritual practices to help deepen relationships both with God and with each other, and engage in follow up exercises to build self-awareness.

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While we try to make the process of signing up for classes simple for everyone, we realize you may still have questions. Feel free to contact us by email or by phone at (626) 594-5950.