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The Free Methodist Church in Southern California believes transparency in our processes and communication is essential to building healthy churches. To that end, we send out regular communications to our members and leaders via email. To ensure that you’re receiving the right communications, please take a moment to update your information below.

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Free Methodist Church
in Southern California

27475 Ynez Rd #734
Temecula, CA 92591

Phone: (626) 594-5950
FAX: (888) 450-7982
Email: [email protected]

Frequently Asked Questions

If I’m a Ministerial Candidate, Elder, Board Member, or Delegate may I take my name off the mailing list?

We require that all people who are involved with the work of the FMCSC be subscribed to the Conference Business (One-to-One) list. The conference uses this mailing list to communicate conference business. All other lists are optional.

Please note that if you are part of any of the above groups and you remove yourself from the Conference Business (One-to-One) list, you may be out of compliance with the requirements for your position.

Why does the conference request my mailing address?

We are required by the denomination to maintain accurate, up-to-date information for our Elders and Ministerial Candidates. For others, we do not require this information.

We use this information to send thank-you cards, gifts, and other correspondence.

Does the FMCSC keep track of when I open or click on emails or visit the website?

Yes, however it’s less creepy than you might think.

Our mail provider is designed to give us metrics that help us better understand how our members read and review our emails, which is why we track behavior. Also, in the case of conference business, we want to ensure that email doesn’t get lost and will use our tracking information to resend messages you may have missed.

How often does the conference send out messages?

We try to send no more than one email per week, but will sometimes send out more if needed. We usually send out business email on Tuesdays, information about opportunities to get involved on Thursdays, and Free Methodist Stories on Fridays.

Does the conference use social media to communicate?

Yes! We have Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube channels to which you may also subscribe.

May I add my friend to the mailing list?

California law requires that each subscriber request to be added either through a subscription form or by virtue of their work within the conference. If you were added to the list by mistake, please let us know.