Pastoral Connection Survey

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During the Fall of 2021, in preparation for Superintendent nominations and transition, the Superintendent Nominating Committee held a series of listening groups within the FMCSC. As part of these groups, or through an email survey, our leaders were asked to give feedback on communication, culture, racial and gender diversity and equity, support for the local church, community connectedness, and more.

In response to your feedback given through these groups, we have already implemented a number of changes. Field Superintendents are now working directly with Lead Pastors, which gives a fresh approach to leadership, accountability, and community. We have also aimed for more consistent and clear communication through regular emails, social media updates, and web highlights and are continually expanding the opportunities available for you to find resources and connections within the FMCSC family. Additionally, we are currently in the process of standardization when it comes to our procedures and boards.

It is our hope, almost 18 months later, that you will have noticed or experienced a positive change in at least some of these areas.

Your FMCSC Board of Administration has now turned its attention to developing a slate of resources and support that will be most helpful to you, our pastors and leaders for the year ahead. Your thoughtful responses to the following 6 questions are important for us to achieve this, and this survey should take no more than 5-10 minutes of your time.

Please note that this is a blind survey and your answers will remain confidential unless you choose to list your name upon concluding the survey.

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