Time to submit recommendations for boards, committees, and delegates

February 25, 2022 | Featured, Leadership, News

Please submit names of both clergy and lay leaders that you think would be a great fit to serve on one of our conference boards and committees by Sunday, March 6. All names can be submitted electronically on our nominations page where you will find all of the position descriptions available in both English and Spanish.

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Remember that we also need names submitted of leaders who you think would make a great delegate to serve at General Conference in 2023. Make sure to first check with the person that you are hoping to nominate to ensure that you have their permission to nominate them. And you’ll need to submit both their name and their contact information, such as a phone number and email address.

You’ll also need to indicate if the person is clergy or a lay leader and, for the purpose of nominations, only those who are already ordained or who will be ordained this Annual Conference are considered to be clergy. So even if a person is a CMC or considered to be a pastor by their local church, if they are not ordained yet, they are still considered to be a lay leader for nomination purposes.

The nominating committee will then contact each person for a phone interview, and they will condense the list of names into the final list to be submitted for the ballot leading up to Annual Conference. Voting will happen online before Annual Conference. Please be aware that just because you submit a name of a gifted leader, this does not mean they will automatically be placed on the ballot for election. We only have a certain number of vacancies on each board and committee and want to make sure we have enough candidates, so please take time TODAY to help us by connecting us with your best leaders.

Submissions are due by Sunday, March 6.

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