What Does Success Look Like for Pastors?

November 18, 2021 | Articles, Featured

Recently I read a question that caused me to reflect on the idea of success and ministry. “Can I live a life of faith in the world and trust that it will bear fruit?” For almost 30 years, the idea of success in ministry has been an ever-constant question of formation for me.  How about you? What does success look like for you?

Ruth Haley Barton states that one of the top reasons pastors leave ministry too soon is the discouragement and sense of failure around how they measure success, how they compare with others, and how others measure their success and critique them on that basis.

This video is an attempt to answer the question, “What is success?” as I have wrestled and continue to see Christ form in me what success looks like. I pray it helps you stay the course to the high calling of being a pastoral leader.

We believe in you,

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