With regular events happening all over the Free Methodist Church in Southern California, we want to make sure you can participate in your own way. We publish seminars, worship videos, and tools for your church to help you and your congregation come closer to God and follow Christ more deeply.

YouTube Channel

The starting point for all our videos, make sure to subscribe to our YouTube Channel so you always are alerted to new content when it’s available.

Anchored & Reaching Podcast

“Anchored & Reaching” is a thought-provoking weekly podcast designed for curious Christians who aspire to impact the world while remaining deeply rooted in their faith.

Speaker Series

From immigration to spiritual wholeness, our incredible speakers provide timely inspiration and advice in an informal, webinar approach with an opportunity for questions from participants.

Theology 101

What does it mean to be a Methodist and what makes us different from other Christian groups? This series is designed for membership classes that want to give people a better sense for what makes us unique.