Elevate Your Ministry: Dive into 2024 Learning Opportunities at FMCSC

As the Free Methodist Church in Southern California, we are excited to present a wide array of educational courses in 2024. These offerings are designed to cater to diverse interests and stages in spiritual and ministerial development. Here’s a glimpse of what we have planned.


For Lay Members and Those Exploring the Denomination

Introduction to Free Methodist History & Polity

Discover the rich heritage and distinct values of the Free Methodist Church. This course delves into the denomination’s history, exploring its formation, key figures like John Wesley, and the principles that define Free Methodist beliefs and practices. Ideal for lay members and those interested in learning more about our church’s unique identity.

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Exploring Wesleyan Theology

Embark on a journey through the theological landscape shaped by John Wesley. This course offers insights into Wesley’s foundational teachings and their enduring impact on Christian faith and practice. Engage with concepts that are central to the Wesleyan theological tradition and understand their relevance in today’s world.

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For Those Considering or Pursuing Ordination

As you journey towards a deeper commitment in ministry, our advanced courses are designed to fulfill the requirements for a Conference Ministerial Candidate (CMC) interview. These comprehensive classes provide an essential foundation in Wesleyan theology and Free Methodist history and polity, equipping you with the knowledge and understanding necessary for ordination. Engaging with these courses will not only prepare you for the CMC interview but also enrich your spiritual journey and ministerial practice.

Advanced Studies in Wesleyan Theology

This comprehensive course provides an in-depth exploration of John Wesley’s theological vision. Understand how his ideas shaped the Wesleyan, Methodist, and Holiness movements and why they remain crucial for contemporary ministry. Engage with Wesley’s historical context, theological methods, and the doctrinal commitments that form our Wesleyan identity.

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Advanced Studies in Free Methodist History & Polity

Gain a comprehensive understanding of the origins, development, beliefs, and governance of the Free Methodist Church. Explore significant historical figures, examine the denominational distinctives, and understand the various elements of church polity. This course is essential for those on the path to ordination, offering a deepened appreciation of the Free Methodist tradition.

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Additional Opportunities for Pastors and Lay Leaders

Pastoral Counseling from a Wesleyan Perspective

Facilitated by Denny Wayman and Reggie Waddlington, this course focuses on developing a sound theological and practical framework for pastoral counseling. Learn how to integrate scriptural insights with social science and counseling practices to effectively guide those seeking counsel. Engage in active discussions and case studies to enhance your pastoral care skills.

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Aldersgate School of Ministry

Join us at the newly launched Aldersgate School of Ministry, catering to a diverse audience across denominations. Choose from a 1-year or 2-year certificate program leading to a Lay Ministry certificate, covering prerequisites for ordination or eligibility for master’s study in seminary. Flexibility is offered to enroll in individual courses as well.

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