FMC Bishops’ Crisis Response Fund for Earthquake Relief in Turkey

On Monday, February 6, a magnitude 7.8 earthquake hit near the town of Gaziantep, Turkey, killing tens of thousands of people and injuring countless more. Shortly after, another nearly as large earthquake hit (magnitude 7.5), slowing relief efforts and causing even more damage to the already devastated cities of south-eastern Turkey and neighboring Syria. Efforts are still underway to locate and rescue survivors.



How Can You Help?

From across the world, you can provide help with an immediate donation through the Free Methodist Church. Join us in donating to the Bishops’ Crisis Response Fund to send critical funds for supplies, food, and other relief aid for those affected by this tragic event.


Bishops’ Crisis Response Fund

The Free Methodist Church is marvelously connected to respond globally to the pain of crises as they appear. The Bishops’ Crisis Response Fund has a deeply rooted mission to bring relief to our brothers and sisters while taking the gospel to the poor. The Lord is preparing us for such a time as this as we extend compassionate hands in our own neighborhoods and around the world. Join us today.


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