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July 20, 2021 | Articles, Education

In the Free Methodist Church in Southern California (FMCSC), one of our “methods” is education: preparing ourselves for the work God has called us to through studying and mentoring. To help our leaders equip themselves for ministry, we have partnered with Azusa Pacific University to provide high-impact, non-degree, graduate level education at a fraction of the cost.


Students who apply and are accepted as a non-degree, graduate Azusa Pacific University (APU) student may be eligible to take up to five (5) designated Azusa Pacific Seminary (APS) courses total over three (3) academic years, for a discounted rate of 50% off the current tuition rate.

Courses Available

  • GBBL 511 – Biblical Interpretation: Exploring Genesis
  • GTHE 584 – Christian Theology
  • GMIN 516 – Christian Formation and Discipleship
  • GINS 507 – The Bible and Preaching
  • GINS 526 – Ethics and Worship


For the Fall 2022 class schedule, search the Online Class Catalog. Based on the above list of classes offered in this partnership, simply enter 3 pieces of information and then search.

  • Enter the term (i.e. Fall 2022)
  • Subject (i.e. GBBL)
  • Catalog # (i.e. 511)

Tuition and Fees

Tuition rates and other fees are subject to the deadlines in the APU Graduate and Professional Catalog. APU will provide a 50% tuition discount, excluding any and all fees.

Azusa Pacific Seminary Tuition Rate

Cost per unit: $569 / unit
Units per class: 4
Total cost per class: $2,276

Our Discounted Tuition Rate

Cost per unit: $284.50 / unit
Units per class: 4
Total cost per class: $1,138

If approved, FMCSC will cover ⅓ ($379) of the cost of the student’s classes. FMCSC asks that the student’s appointed local ministry cover ⅓ ($379) of the cost. The student is responsible for the remaining cost; as little as ⅓ ($379). Payments will be made directly to the university under your account. Payment details will be outlined upon admittance.


To be eligible for the FMC Discount:

  1. Must not be a current Azusa Pacific Seminary student.
  2. Must be an active appointed minister.
  3. Must be approved prior to enrollment by the MEG.

Tuition discount cannot be stacked with any other APU discounts and/or scholarships.

How to Apply

Step 1: Email the FMCSC Conference Office ([email protected]) for approval by the FMCSC to cover their portion of student’s costs and to notify APS of your application. If you register directly with APS prior to approval from the conference office, you may be ineligible to receive the discount.

Step 2: Apply online through the Graduate and Professional Admissions office as a non-degree seeking student.

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