FMCSC Moving to Single Superintendent Model

May 10, 2021 | Featured, Leadership, News

In 2012 the FMCSC moved from a single-leader to a multiple-stationed (team) superintendent model. This decision was in part a response to our geographically growing conference and the determined need for increasing reasonable spans of care for our ministers. For two consecutive terms the superintendent team served as stationed superintendents filling concurrent roles as Lead Pastors in their local church (two-thirds time) as well as superintending a region in the conference (one-third time). In 2018 our current team was elected in the same model with one minor change as Superintendent Fraser and Superintendent Charles served in a stationed role while Superintendent Glen served the conference in a full-time role.

Over the past ten years the conference has benefited from a team approach in many ways and also learned where the structure has limitations. During this time, the Board of Administration and Superintendents have continued to consider how best to serve the conference through its shared leadership and structures. Every four years, at the conclusion of each Superintendent term, the benefits and deficiencies of a team leadership model have been evaluated. In anticipation of the upcoming transition for the current team in 2022, the Board of Administration and Superintendents have again completed this evaluation. At this time, and in cooperation with Bishop Whitehead, the Board and Superintendents are in agreement and have collectively determined that the work of the conference, the needs of our pastors, and the mission of the church will be best served by returning to the typical single-superintendent leadership structure at the conclusion of this term.

Our Free Methodist polity has designed the office of Superintendent along with its supporting structures, to be filled by a single leader. While the work of the Superintendency remains the same whether led by a single or multiple individuals, together we have recognized that the complexity of the work, the scalability of systems, and the need to harmonize and coordinate resources within the diversity of our conference depends on the clarity and integration of the mission and vision across all its experience and personnel. As such, we believe that the conference will be best served by a single Superintendent who is gifted with visionary leadership with high collaborative skills to execute the duties of the office.

As a result, at their January, 2021 meeting, the Board of Administration took action with overwhelming support to return to a Single Superintendent leadership model at the conclusion of the existing term at Annual Conference 2022. The Board has also undertaken an evaluation of staffing and organizational structures with the expectation that during this transition year the Board and Superintendents will prepare the conference structures to support this decision.

We are confident that this is the right direction for the conference at this time and that the outcome will be the fruitful development of godly competent leaders for the harvest. The Board also nominated a search committee to begin working with Bishop Whitehead for the purpose of identifying the best candidate to fill the role and they have begun to meet and pray for the work ahead. When the committee’s work is complete, the Bishop will communicate with all the current delegates to participate in an election process of the next Superintendent. If you have any questions about this decision or process, please feel free to reach out directly to the Superintendent Team or Board of Administration.


Marla Jamieson, Glen Prior, Evan Collins, Ted Jones, Kelly Roth, Hal Conklin, John Rittenhouse, Laura Warth, Carol Duberowski, Colleen Hurley-Bates, Soo Ji Alvarez, Joshua Canada, Hugh LInstrom, Ed Song, Donna Marshall, Kevin Boyce, Charles Latchison, Fraser Venter & Bishop Matt Whitehead.

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