Additional Information Regarding Annual Conference 2020

May 26, 2020 | COVID-19, Events, News

In cooperation with the Area Bishop, Matt Whitehead, the Superintendent Team and our Board of Administration took the necessary action to cancel Annual Conference for this May, 2020. While this has been previously reported out to you all, we wanted to send an update on a few specific matters typically part of Annual Conference to keep you all informed. The Superintendent Team will be sending out periodic updates from around the conference over this next year on the state of the conference including some exciting updates on education and training resources as well as sharing the needs and opportunities from our churches.

First, with regard to Board and Committee Terms, the Board of Administration took action to affirm the extension of all existing committee members for an additional year until Annual Conference 2021. Each member was contacted to affirm or decline the extension based on their ability to serve an additional year and the tallies were forwarded to the Nominating Committee to process. Any resulting vacancies may be filled by appointment by the Board of Administration in between sittings of the Annual Conference.

One of the highlights of every Annual Conference is the reception of new ministers to the conference, both those beginning their ordination preparation as Conference Ministerial Candidates and those completing it and being received as Elders into the ministerial fellowship. We are both excited to announce the names of both CMC’s and Elders and grieved not to be able to celebrate this sacred moment as a body together. That said, when the state restrictions do permit us to regather, we will set a time to meet, celebrate, and affirm the calling of God on these who are pursuing vocational ministry. For now, the Board of Administration will assume the duty of receiving and approving the recommendation of the Ministerial Education and Guidance Committee for both Conference Ministerial Candidates and new Elders on behalf of the Annual Conference. Once new candidates and elders are approved, we will announce them online.

Thank you all for joining us in prayer for the church and its effective witness in our communities and those in need.

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