Seeds of Faith: Fraser Venter’s Story

December 15, 2017 | Featured, FMCSC Stories, Leadership

Rev. Fraser Venter has served as Lead Pastor at Cucamonga Christian Fellowship, Rancho Cucamonga since 1997. He has also served as FM Conference District Leader, assisting Superintendent Gary Enniss in the South Region, FM MEG Chair for the South Region, and Interim Superintendent during Pastor Gary’s sabbatical.

The path to finding your calling in Christ is seldom straight, and Pastor Fraser Venter’s path is no exception. An avid athlete in school, he later found himself on an incredible journey which led him into full-time ministry. Fraser enjoys reading and soul music, loves Monday mornings, and truly values family and community — an integral part of his own faith journey.

Born in Toronto, Ontario, and raised in a multicultural household, Pastor Fraser spent most of his early life in Canada, coming to California when he was 15 years old. His family moved often around the time Fraser was in high school, but in his many school experiences he found his saving grace through sports, which he continued at San Diego State University. One of the things Pastor Fraser loved about growing up in Canada was the openness of community where he felt there weren’t any fences and everyone was looking out for each other.

Though he did not grow up in church, Pastor Fraser knew from an early age that there was something “other,” through special moments and connections in his life — a pre-Jesus Yes, if you will.  He came to faith later after he’d graduated from university, as a result of the efforts of a few key people placed in his life: his aunt and uncle, who were avid people of prayer and helped to plant the seed of faith; his brother, Shawn, whose passion, persistence, and transformed life really caught Fraser’s attention; Jake, whose relentless sharing of faith in a college locker room finally came to fruition; and Rob, who allowed the Holy Spirit to use him to confirm Fraser’s commitment to faith. His journey of faith wasn’t always easy; in fact, Fraser encountered “The Dark Night of the Soul,” where he’d hit a wall, questioning God and hearing silence in return. But through gentle encouragement and graceful people who came alongside him, Fraser was able to see light in the darkness, even when he wasn’t sure he wanted to receive it. Looking back, Pastor Fraser recognizes just how much God has rescued him from, and responds in gratitude.

Continuing on his faith journey, Fraser first started out attending a small Nazarene church, where the congregants were much older than him, loved hymns and liturgy, and had weathered many storms with Christ as their anchor. He then moved into experiencing God in more emotive, charismatic settings, so that by the time he found the Free Methodist church, which blended both of these worlds, he’d found his heart language.

Fraser has always had a deep respect for positions of clergy, but resisted the calling over his life for a period of time. Then he attended a service where a pastor held an altar call, asking “What are you going to do with the next part of your life?” While law school seemed like the most viable next step, God was working in a different way. The pastor spoke prophetically over Fraser that he may commit to a life in ministry, and while leaving marketplace ministry was a step of faith, he obeyed God and entered full-time ministry; he’s now come full circle, doing ministry in both places, pastoring and equipping leaders, and serving on various social justice boards and committees.  He loves pastoring, and he loves equipping those in the marketplace doing Monday morning ministry.

Pastor Fraser currently serves as the Lead Pastor of Cucamonga Christian Fellowship, a multilingual and multi site campus.  His claim to fame is that he is married to JoAnne, a remarkable business leader and passionate intercessor, who inspires and motivates him daily. Together they have two children, Madisen and Jeffrey, who are amazing world changers. They work hard as a family on creating shared moments, which bring them closer together and point toward God’s hand in the midst.

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