Committee Members

Lay (Term)
Adam Elwer (South) 2018
Val Roark (South) 2018
Aaron Mills (Central) 2018
Ryan Bishop (North) 2018
Sarah Fenner (Central) 2017
Ashley Bowman (North) 2017
Ministerial (Term)
Lead Superintendent BVO
Trent Meng (South) 2017
Joe Castillo (North) 2018
Charles Latchison (Central) 2018
Steve Brasington (South) 2017
Kevin Boyce (Central) 2018

From the Book of Discipline (¶5080):

A. Each annual conference shall elect a standing nominating committee of not less than six members, giving consideration to equal representation of ministerial and lay members. General considerations in the selection of the local church nominating committee shall also apply to the annual conference (see ¶6310). Representation by districts/regions or other appropriate distinctions shall be determined in advance by the conference body.

B. Nominating committee members may be elected to rotating terms as determined by the conference. The chair shall be elected by the nominating committee.

C. The nominating committee shall:

  1. prepare for the annual conference a list of nominations for positions vacated by either resignations or expiration of terms; and
  2. review board and committee memberships in light of the standing rules of the annual conference.