Board Members

Hal Conklin – 2017
Board President & Chairman
Member of Santa Barbara FMC
Director of Public Affairs for Southern California Edison & Co-Author of Cinema in Focus
Marla Jamieson – 2017
Vice President
Member of Cucamonga Christian Fellowship in Rancho Cucamonga
Kelly Roth – 2017
Ted Jones– 2017
Member of Lamb’s Fellowship   Lake Elsinore
Denny Wayman – BVO
Lead Superintendent
Senior Pastor at Santa Barbara FMC since 1976
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Evan Collins – 2019
Property & Finance Committee Chair
Member of Santa Barbara FMC
President of The Butterfield Memorial Foundation in Oklahoma City
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Dennis Beckwith – 2018
Member of Foothill Community Church in Azusa
Donna Marshall – 2018
Associate Pastor Los Angeles Community Church
Joe Castillo – 2018
Senior Pastor Light and Life Sylmar
Kevin Boyce – 2018
Senior Pastor Light and Life Downey
Carol Duberowski – 2018
Member of Light and Life Long Beach North
John Hansen – 2016
Lead Pastor of Centerpoint Church in Murrieta, serving there since 2003
Moises Bejarano – 2019
Senior Pastor at New Hope Center in Chino
James Williams – 2019
Member of Light & Life Christian Fellowship West in Long Beach
Laura Warth – 2019
Member of Chapel of Change
Elizabeth Martinez – 2018
Member of Light and Life
in Sylmar
Carol Duberowski – 2018
Member of Light and Life Long Beach North
Fraser Venter – 2018
Senior Pastor Cucamonga Christian Fellowship
Hugh Linstrom – 2018
Member of Verdugo Free
Methodist Church
John Rittenhouse – 2017
Senior Pastor at Living Spring Christian Fellowship
Kristy Hinds – 2017
Associate Pastor at Light & Life Long Beach North

From the Book of Discipline (¶5200):

Each annual conference shall elect a standing administrative committee (Board of Administration) of not less than four members, giving due regard to clergy/lay balance. It shall act as the standing administrative committee of the conference in the interim between annual conference sessions to care for routine business and items specifically delegated to it by the conference within the limits of the Book of Discipline(see ¶6400).

The conference administrative committee shall give strategic planning attention to such ministries as world missions, Christian discipleship, church planting and social action. It may assign individuals, form task forces and create standing committees to carry out the ministries deemed appropriate for the health and growth of the church.

BOA Committee Structure

Categorically, the following four areas are standing committees of the BOA that adapt to meet the identified needs of the area over time recruiting involvement from the greater conference for expertise.

Essential Investment

Missional Leaders, Vital Churches, Kingdom Expansion
The top three strategic priorities of the FMCSC can be categorized as areas of essential investment for health, growth and development of leaders, churches, and initiatives.

Expected Outcomes

Transformed Community, Global Mission, Justice & Creation Care
These three strategic priorities of the FMCSC can be categorized as areas of expected outcome that naturally flow from the areas of essential investment.

Governance & Ethics

The BOA itself must intentionally address areas of best practice, internal resourcing, and not for profit board legalities.  The resources once developed also need to be shared with local church boards through accessible training and with appropriate accountability.

Initiative Development & Resourcing

The California Coast initiative, the Center for Transformational Leadership, and the Internship Program, require that the FMCSC target effective fund raising, grant seeking, marketing, and infrastructure for healthy growth and implementation of these efforts.

BOA Task Forces

These are temporary committees organized around a specific need or opportunity within the conference.  The committee purpose, authority, and time frame will be established by the BOA and the committee will automatically be disbanded when the objective is accomplished.  For Example:

Scholarship Committee Redevelopment

Review and repurpose educational scholarships, applications, and process in keeping with the new objectives with the Center for Transformational Leadership.

Center for Transformational Leadership

Work with Lead Superintendent to identify and develop a Center Board, communication structure, and implementation plan.