Committee Members

Lay (Term)
Evan Collins (BOA liaison) BVO
Marla Jamieson 2017
Travis Wade 2017
Wendy Seyfert 2018
Stephen Christie 2018
Mark Zellmer 2019
Ministerial (Term)
Denny Wayman BVO
Vern Burgess 2017
Danielle Garcia 2018
Gus Garay 2018
John Hansen 2019
Brett Masters 2019

The Role of Property and Finance

The Role of Property and Finance has undergone some revision over the past year along with the structural changes of the FMCSC.  The following list identifies the current stated expectations and duties of this standing committee that exists to advise the Board of Administration of the FMCSC.

  1. The primary function of the P&F Committee is to review and evaluate the finances of the FMCSC on a regular basis and report the findings to the BOA thus attending to the fiduciary responsibility of the Conference Leadership.  This includes the following considerations:
    1. Review the finances of the FMCSC each quarter.  Monthly statements of activity will be made available for review and the quarterly report will be submitted for formal review by the committee.
    2. Review the investment reports of the FMCSC quarterly: looking for consistency to the Investment Policy Statement and evaluating overall activity.
    3. Review and evaluate the immediate and long term fiscal impact to the FMCSC for any request brought to the committee and make recommendations to the BOA concerning extraordinary funds requests.  These include:
      1. Church loans or requests for refinancing
      2. Grant requests
      3. Request for purchase or sale of real property
    4. Review and evaluate the annual audit of the FMCSC.
    5. Work with staff and leadership on budget planning and formation that is consistent with the priorities and fulfills the stated objectives of the FMCSC.
  2. The secondary function of the P&F Committee is to gather the relevant fiscal and background information from any group making a request of the FMCSC for the purpose of providing a thorough evaluation/analysis of the request and making recommendations to the BOA concerning the viability of the request, the impact to the local body and to the FMCSC.
    Ad Hoc Property Committee as Assigned by the BOA

    The BOA has directed that when an FMCSC church has a real property request for purchase, an Ad Hoc committee will be empowered by the BOA for the purpose of performing the on site visit and gathering the practical ‘hands-on’ information.  The group will be comprised of the local Regional Superintendent, the FMCSC Administrator, at least one lay person and one additional clergy from that region with preference given to people who serve either on P&F or the BOA, though not exclusively.  The information will be evaluated and a summary findings report will be sent to P&F for processing.

  3. The tertiary function of the P&F Committee is to carry-out special projects as assigned by the Board of Administration.