Committee Members

Ministerial (Term)
Val Roark 2018
Wendy Seyfert 2017
Carol Duberowski 2018
Marla Jamieson 2018
Ministerial (Term)
Western Area Bishop BVO
Dennis Wayman BVO
Larry Walkemeyer BVO
Gary Enniss BVO

From the Book of Discipline (¶5220):

A. Each annual conference shall have a standing ministerial appointments committee composed of the bishop as chair, the superintendent as vice chair, and one lay member. An annual conference may, if it so desires, increase the number of members by electing an additional elder and an additional lay member. The annual conference may ask the nominating committee or the administrative committee to prepare nominations for election, however nominations must also be allowed from the floor. Elections may be for three-year terms with provision for rotation and continuity. When a new superintendent is elected, the immediate past superintendent may not serve on the ministerial appointments committee for the succeeding year.

B. If for any reason a member is unable to serve during the conference session, the board of administration may appoint an elder or lay member to serve. No person who is recommended to the annual conference to be received as a conference ministerial candidate, nor a licensed pastor (see ¶5640), though acting as a delegate, shall be eligible to serve on the ministerial appointments committee.

C. The committee shall serve until the close of the following annual conference.

D. The committee shall appoint pastors for an indefinite tenure. The committee shall monitor progress and make changes at each annual conference when deemed necessary.

E. To assist in the assessment of the work, pastors shall be offered an opportunity to express themselves and shall be given opportunity every three years to participate in a ministry effectiveness evaluation (see ¶5800), which shall be considered by the ministerial appointments committee.

F. Proposed changes shall be discussed with both pastors and delegates of churches involved.

G. In the event a change in pastoral leadership becomes necessary between annual conferences, the committee shall have authority to make appointments. Delegates of churches involved shall be consulted, but final authority rests with the ministerial appointments committee.

H. The ministerial appointments committee report of appointments shall be announced at the annual conference session.

I. The committee may initiate church planting appointments, either by requesting a local church to sponsor a church planting project or by creating a new church planting project by appointing a church planter in consultation with the conference administrative committee.

J. The committee shall follow the restrictions regarding divorced ministers or spouses (see ¶5650).

K. The committee shall have authority to suspend any conference appointee for cause (see ¶7130) according to due process (see ¶7150). This is not to be construed as conflicting with an ordained minister’s rights as outlined in Chapter 7.

L. The committee planning to recommend that a pastor not receive a pastoral appointment the ensuing year shall notify that pastor at least sixty days prior to the session of the annual conference.