In our conference, we have Ministerial Education and Guidance Boards (MEG) for each of our three regions and for our largest region, Coastal, we have two MEG boards.

North Ministerial Education & Guidance Board

Lay (Term)
Steve Espinoza 2017
Ray Rosentrater 2017
Eunice Lee 2017
Jeff Jaikumar 2017
Lisa Jackinsky 2018
Brian Monroe 2018
Candice Pickett 2018
Chase Yeatman 2018
Ministerial (Term)
Denny Wayman BVO
Dale Winslow (Chair) 2018
Joe Castillo 2017
Doug Ranck 2017
Kevin Robertson 2017
Brian Luigoyo 2017
Colleen Hurley-Bates 2018
Dan Davidson 2018

Central Ministerial Education & Guidance Board

Lay (Term)
Darrell Spence 2017
Gay Zambrano 2018
Heather Browne 2018
Gary Helmers 2018
Andrew Scammon 2018
Penny Munoz 2018
Teena Smith 2018
Ministerial (Term)
Larry Walkemeyer BVO
John Rittenhouse (Chair) 2018
Vern Burgess 2017
Refugio Sanchez 2017
Charles Latchison 2018
Donna Marshall 2018

South Ministerial Education & Guidance Board

Lay (Term)
Ted Jones 2017
Judy Lerma 2017
Sue Mitchell 2017
Val Roark 2017
Marla Jamieson 2018
Robin Van Etten 2018
Kris Lozano 2018
Ministerial (Term)
Gary Enniss BVO
Fraser Venter (Chair) 2018
Cheri Coleman 2017
Dani Falcioni 2017
Trent Meng 2017
Moises Bejarano 2018
Carmen Hosea 2018

From the Book of Discipline (¶5230):

A. Each annual conference shall have a standing ministerial education and guidance board, composed of the members of the ministerial appointments committee and additional members as determined by the electing body.

B. Such additional members may be elected to rotating three-year terms, and may not serve more than nine consecutive years. Ex-officio members are excluded from term limits.

C. Total membership of the board shall not exceed twelve nor be less than four members, with due regard to a proper division between laypersons and ministers.

D. When a new superintendent is elected, the immediate past superintendent shall not serve on the Board for the succeeding year.

E. The board shall assist in recruiting personnel and shall be responsible to screen candidates for reception into the conference and/or for ordination.

F. The annual conference, acting upon the recommendation of the ministerial education and guidance board has final responsibility for the approval of conference ministerial candidates in keeping with the standards outlined in ¶5340.

G. The board, in consultation with the assigned bishop, is the authority on the meeting of the standard criteria for ordination. Requests for waivers regarding any of these standard criteria shall be made to the Board of Bishops. (See ¶5410, 5420, 5430 and 5440 for these standard criteria.)

H. The board shall guide and counsel those who are received so that they may be able to meet the demands of pastoral ministry.

I. For instructions on administration of multiple staff, see ¶6700-6730 and the Ministerial Education and Guidance Board Manual.

J. The board shall develop and oversee a mentoring program that provides qualified mentors to assist new pastors in personal, spiritual and professional growth.

K. The board shall identify potential church planters among current pastoral personnel and new recruits.

L. Each pastor shall present to the board annually a program for continuing education and the board shall monitor the program.

M. The board may grant a certificate of standing with view to transfer to another conference during the interim between annual conference sessions.

N. The board shall give consideration to the integrity and Christian discipleship of each ministerial member and the performance of duty of each appointed pastor of the conference and shall present to the annual conference a [report] (see ¶5220.K).

O. The board shall affirm the integrity and Christian discipleship of located deacons and located elders, reporting such action to the annual conference; (see ¶5220.K).

P. The early identification of people sensing God’s call to pastoral ministry shall be a primary responsibility of the ministerial education and guidance board in cooperation with the local church.

Q. The board shall set policies for care of pastors. These policy guidelines shall address such issues as salary and benefits, maternity and paternity leave, vacations and sabbaticals.