Celebration with APU President Jon Wallace, COO John Reynolds and Interim Director Chris Adams of the new covenant established between Free Methodist Church in Southern CA and Azusa Pacific University, establishing the Center for Transformational Leadership.


Strategic Priorities

The Free Methodist movement was birthed in 1860 as a Spirit-filled response to ethnic and socioeconomic injustice of the day.  As we took the gospel outside the church walls to the poor and disenfranchised people of the world, it was necessary to develop a process for leadership multiplication that could sustain the efforts that flowed from out deeply held values.  Today, we have the same heart and vision: the church must engage every segment of our world which means it must draw from every discipline and facet of the body of Christ to people its mission.


The Center for Transformational Leadership (CTL)
Launched from the six strategic priorities of the Free Methodist Church in Southern California (FMCSC), the CTL is a purposeful approach for developing transformational leaders committed to fulfilling the Great Commission.  Potential leaders are Christian gifted by the Holy Spirit who have engaged the process of God’s transformation in their own lives.  Through strategic and holistic mentoring, they prepare to live out an multiply transformational principles in others for the purpose of fulfilling Christ’s call.




TargetCenter Mission and Process

The Center for Transformational Leadership mentors Christ-centered leaders to transform the church, community, academy, and business. 

This process begins by identifying each potential leader for placement in an internship. It continues through identifying potential fellows for mentorship by a senior practitioner in the church, community, academy, or business.  It is fulfilled when leaders are able to live and multiply what they have learned everywhere they go in the power of the Holy Spirit.




The CTL partners with universities and pastors to identify potential leaders for placement:

Intern- Identify

An intern is a committed Christian who demonstrates leadership qualities that are recognized and recommended by their immediate community leaders. Interns are placed in safe and stimulating environments that work to develop and hone the candidates’ potential.
10 Week paid placement

Fellow- Equip

The CTL Fellows are developing leaders in their field of service. They are also committed to leveraging their field as strategic missions for the gospel. These fellows are place under the mentoring care of a Senior Fellow.

9 Month placement pay TBD

Senior Fellow- Mentor

The CTL Senior Fellows are proven practitioners in their fields of service. Further, they have demonstrated the ability to create and sustain transforming influence in their area of expertise. Such Sr. Fellows are committed to the development and training of assigned Fellows.


The purpose of the Internship Initiative is to recruit, cultivate and develop the future ministry leaders of our conference from the best colleges on the West Coast. The program is dynamic and maintains personal coaching, group work, and careful evaluation throughout the internship  with additional mentoring. Want to know more? E-mail Kelly Soifer.

Past Intern Recommendations.  



Kelly Soifer profile photo May 2013

Kelly Soifer – Internship Director 

Kelly Soifer is the Director of Recruiting and Leadership Development for the Free Methodist Church in Southern California and is a 30-year youth ministry veteran with the church and Young Life. She has taught religious studies at the high school level, and currently teaches on the adjunct faculty at Westmont College in the Department of Religious Studies, where she trains students in church and para-church internships.

Part of her role with the Free Methodist Church includes management of our internships program on behalf of the Center for Transformational Leadership. She started the internship program in 2011, drawing students from Azusa Pacific University and Westmont College. We have deployed almost 50 interns since then into churches, community non-profits, business and higher education.




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